About This Course

What this course is:

A one-month short course from Code Your Future
  • You get a taste of programming with JavaScript - one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages today.
  • You'll learn fundamentals of programming that can be applied to JavaScript and other languages.
  • You'll get to find out if you actually LIKE programming!
  • You'll become familiar with some free on-line resources that we recommend to help in future study.
We'll also look at what you can make with programming and what kind of jobs are available to programmers.

Concept Roadmap

If you want more detail about the topics that we're covering, take a look at the concept roadmap

What this course is NOT

It's not a web development course

Although we'll certainly learn some JavaScript - the most popular language in web development - we won't do any web development with it!

It's not a teacher-led course

We're not going to lecture you.
You will work through some online courses, and we (or the people sitting around you) will help you when you're really stuck.

… and we're not starting with JavaScript!

We'll start to look at JavaScript in week 2. First we're going to use a simpler language to learn and practice fundamentals.

What you will need for this course

  • A laptop and charger
  • A phone would be useful
  • Pen and paper (ideally a simple notebook for the course duration)
  • Headphones, if you have them - the course contains a lot of video content

Software you'll need to install

Be sure to complete the rest of the preparation requried before you start the course. You can find the full list here.

Graduation Criteria

By the end of this course you must have completed all of the criteria found here.

Further Study

Full Stack Web Development Course

At the end of this short course,
  • if you decide programming is definitely for you
  • and if we think you're ready
there will be the possibility to apply for further study on the next full-stack web development course.
Whether you take that path or not, we want this course to be useful to you.