Before the course begins

There is often a waiting period before the course begins. Don't waste it.

You can do so much to improve your chances of success with Code Your Future and you can start right now. Before the course begins, work through these resources to get yourself prepared, powerful, and ready to work. You can do this.

Prep 1 : Grasshopper

You may have done Fundamentals 1 on Grasshopper, but what other courses can you unlock? The Using a Code Editor course could be handy for Prep 2.

Prep 2 : Developer Tools

Download VSCode and practice using a real developer environment. You don't need to write any code in your new IDE. Just find out where the buttons are and what some of them do.

Stretch goal: can you write and save a markdown document in VSCode?

Prep 3 : Developer Thinking

People in tech work with logic, so how do people improve their logical reasoning? Happily, with games! Practice your developer thinking by playing our brain games: