Class Preparation
How to get ready. What to do next.
Congratulations on being selected to join CodeYourFuture Fundamentals of Tech course!
We know you are excited for the classes to start!
You need to do some preparation now so you are ready and able to participate fully in this course. You might find it helpful to print this page. Check off each task as you complete it, so you know you are ready to come to work on day one.

1. Working Agreement (15 minutes)

Please read the CodeYourFuture Student Agreement.
Make a note of anything you don’t understand or don’t agree with. We will be discussing it in class so everyone knows what they are agreeing to.
If you have any questions, please contact your city coordinator.

2. Hardware Check (20 minutes)

  • I have a working laptop or desktop computer.
  • I have a stable internet connection.
  • I have a webcam.
  • I have a headset with microphone.
  • I know how to use all of these things.
Check each of these things. If you don't have one or more of these things, contact your city coordinator.
Your coordinator will lend you a computer and internet if you don't have them. This is free. You will not be charged.

3. Professional Accounts (2 hours)

Download and install the following software or register for the apps.
Click on the links to go to the registration pages. Keep your login details for all sites/apps consistent and always use your real name.
CYF recognises you may need to keep your birth name private. When we say real name, we mean the name you go by. It does not have to match your birth certificate or any other legal document. It has to be consistent and professional.
CYF understands you may need to keep your picture off the internet. In this case, generate a robohash picture from your name, and use that for all these accounts. Use your robohash consistently and it will help us recognise each other.

3.1 Gmail, Google Account

Make a new Google account. Use your real name. Don’t use any numbers or words that are not your name. Never put the year of your birth in your professional email address. Your email address should look something like this:
This is your public professional email address. Use it to sign up for all your professional accounts unless you can use your Github. Put it in your Slack profile.
  • I have made a professional Google account and Gmail address.
  • I have put this in my Slack Profile

3.2 Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the first browser we will all use together.
Use your professional Chrome profile for all your CYF work. You will often have to share your screen during class, so keep your personal internet use private and away from your professional profile.

3.3 Slack

Slack is our community space and how we communicate with each other. Download and install it now.

3.4 Zoom

We use Zoom for remote weekend classes. Install it now.
  • I have downloaded and installed Zoom onto my computer.

3.5 Google Classroom

Google Classroom is where you will find all of your coursework assignments. You will need a Gmail account in order to access Google classroom. Your class code will be posted on Slack.
  • I have logged using the Class Code I was given on Slack.
  • I have looked around to get to know the interface.

3.6 Miro

Miro is an online whiteboard we use to share ideas. Register an account now.
  • I have signed up for Miro.

3.7 is a website aimed at helping people learn computer science. You will be doing one of their courses. Register an account now.
  • I have signed up for

3.8 Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online learning platform. We will be doing one of their courses. Register an account now.
  • I have signed up for Khan Academy.

3.9 Kahoot

We use the Kahoot! App to play games and do quizzes. It works on Android and iOS. Register an account now.
  • I have downloaded and installed Kahoot.

3.10 Github

Github is for developers. It's how you will work on code with other developers and where you will build a portfolio of work to show employers. Register an account now.
  • I have made a Github account.
  • I have used my real name.
  • I have not put my birth year in my user name.
Your Github account name should look something like this: When prospective employers are looking at your Github portfolio, you need them to know who you are: not your online identity, but the name you put on your job application. Don’t use cute handles on your Github, even though some mentors do. They are not applying for entry level developer roles.

3.11 LinkedIn

Sign up for Linked In. LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. You will use it to help you get a job and to advance your career. Make a LinkedIn account. Use your real name. Sign in with Google. Connect with your cohort.
Your cohort is your first network, and this is one of the most valuable things you can develop at Code Your Future. A strong, tightly linked, professional network is a powerful asset, so begin building it today.
  • I have made a LinkedIn account using my professional email address
  • I have used my real name.
  • I have connected with my cohort
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