Brain Games

Logic and reasoning games for programmers

Strategy and logic

First steps


You can get Azul as a board game to play with friends and this is the best way to understand how it works. It's always easier to play games than to watch a video where someone else explains the rules!

Here's a version you can play with friends or against the computer. (Azul means blue, Rojo means red.)

Logic, patterns and strategy

Rush Hour


Interpreting Requirements

Longer team games for study groups to play together: practice interpreting requirements and communicating in code.


This is a (safely) stressful game that requires the Spymaster to take responsibility for the team’s success or failure. To succeed the Spymaster must put themselves in the shoes of their team of Operatives, and the Operatives team must work together to do the same with the Spymaster.


This empathy-building game requires you to interpret and express someone else’s words and then see how your own words and pictures are interpreted. To be played in a group of 5, maximum, which takes 8-10 minutes (I talked to the developers and this is what they said).

A Telephone game in Normal Mode with 5 people takes approximately 10 minutes with the drawing/answering part. Don't have groups of more than 5.