Several assessments have been designed for this course. They should be completed during the weekly class or in the weeks in between class.

Before Starting

Make sure you have got access to this Github repository before starting. It contains instructions for the assessment pieces.


The goal of these assessments is to assess how well the student is progressing. Based on the outcome of the assessment, the instructor(s) can decide whether the student has a good understanding of the subject.

A volunteer should be assigned to work with 1 student at a time to "pair" on a small task. It is however not quite like normal pairing: the volunteer should aim to not "give away" the answer. If the student is struggling the volunteer can ask open questions to provide a suggestion.

Note that they are framed as "1-to-1 programming problems" instead of assessments for students so they are less intimidated by them.

Feedback from Volunteers

Even for small but significant interactions, volunteers should be encouraged to fill out this feedback form. It's fine to skip bits of it - there's a free text section at the end.

For form administrators, that's here

Week Breakdown

Week 2 - - Three giraffes

For this lesson we have prepared the "Three giraffes" assessment.

For Students

For Instructors

Week 3 - Khan Academy - Three Cars

For this week we have prepared the Three Cars assessment

For students:

For Instructors

Week 4 - Khan Academy - Three Boxes

For students

For Instructors