General notes for the instructors of this course.

There are instructor notes for each lesson:


There 2 main goals of this course:

  1. Help students with little or no prior programming experience to learn some fundamental concepts of programming

  2. Assess the students to help work out if they would struggle on the web development course

Course Overview

1) Code.org

At the start of the course we use Code.org and Block Based coding to start the process of learning about algorithmic thinking. It might seem easy but it helps to lay the foundation that build the rest of the course off!

2) Khan Academy

Next, we use KhanAcademy to guide the students along a visual course using JavaScript. This is the majority of the course.

3) Games & Energisers

In the morning and afternoon we play games an energisers to get to know each other.

You can find a resources for these here.

4) Assessments

A really important part of this course is the assessment section which happens either during classes or in the time in between. The question we are trying to answer during Fundamentals is

Does this student have the commitment and show the qualities we need for them to complete the Full Stack Course?

The assessments take place in weeks 2, 3 and 4. See the Assessments page for more details.